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Unsubstantiated claims concerning the breeding biology of the Basra Reed Warbler Acrocephalus griseldis - in Zoology in the Middle East

Basra Reed Warbler by Mudhafar Salim

An open letter from Richard Porter and colleagues:

We wish to draw attention to a letter that we, together with eleven other ornithologists, have written to the editor of Zoology in the Middle East (Porter et al. 2015a) expressing serious concern about details of the breeding biology of the Basra Reed Warbler Acrocephalus griseldis in Iraq as claimed by Al-Sheikhly et al. (2013). We feel that this and the subsequent published correspondence (Al-Sheikhly et al. 2015, Porter et al. 2015b) should be consulted by anyone with an interest in the study and conservation of this globally Endangered species.

Come and join our team –OSME needs your help!!

We are a small, yet ambitious charity managed wholly by volunteers, and we are looking for a new Secretary to help with the running of the Society.

You must be able to commit to attending 3 Council meetings per year (usually held in Tring, Hertfordshire) and our AGM/Summer Meeting (usually held in Thetford, Norfolk). Availability and willingness to attend the annual Birdfair at Rutland Water in August is also preferable.  The Secretary will work closely with all Trustees, but especially the Chairman and Treasurers. Key tasks include arranging

OSME library finds a new home at the BTO

For a long time, the OSME library has been something of a mobile affair, housed by willing volunteers from OSME Council. In recent years, former Council member Guy Kirwan had the rather thankless task of looking after numerous box files of 'grey literature', including some rare and otherwise difficult-to-source material from the OSME region. However, with countless other books to store, Guy was out of space and asked OSME to seek a new home for the library.

Monitoring White-headed Duck in Kazakhstan

White-headed duck during the breeding season in Kazakhstan

White-headed duck during the breeding season in Kazakhstan In 2012, OSME's Conservation and Research Fund provided The Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan (ACBK) funding to initiate a study of the endangered White–headed Duck in central Kazakhstan. As well as receiving funding from OSME, the project leader Alyona Shmolenko also secured the financial support of the Conservation Leadership Programme. The White-headed Duck (Oxyura leucocephala) is a small diving duck with rather unusual appearance. The bird's rarity and distinctive features provided the inspiration for the ACBK logo and have made it a must-see for international birdwatchers visiting Kazakhstan. Its features are easily recognisable, a bill with a swollen base, a white head and a tail cocked vertically on water. 

International Partnership Aids Wildlife Conservation in Iraq

Darwin Initiative Project Iraq

Richard Porter, a founder member of OSME, has been associated with conservation work in Iraq for more than a decade, especially with Nature Iraq. He was part of the BirdLife International  team that worked with a wide-range of partners on this excellent UK Government funded Darwin Initiative project. OSME has supported Nature Iraq's forthcoming Inventory of Key Biodiversity Areas, and is proud to be associated with this important NGO that often has to work in difficult and, at times, hostile environment.


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