The Conservation and Research Fund supports projects benefiting species and habitats, especially Globally Threatened and Near Threatened birds, and sites important for bird conservation (Important Bird Areas - IBAs) in the OSME region. Click here for a link to “Countries in the OSME region”.

Projects should be directed to one or more of the following funding priorities:

  • Investigating the status of Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable or Near-threatened bird species
  • Attempting to further the knowledge of existing IBAs, for example by undertaking breeding censuses and conducting systematic counts
  • Investigating potential new IBAs or ornithologically little known areas
  • Conducting ecological studies of little-known species
  • Studies related to illegal bird killing and unsustainable hunting
  • Educational programmes

Priority will be given to projects:

  • Initiated and carried out by nationals of OSME region countries, and/or
  • Carried out in collaboration with OSME region nationals, and/or
  • Include a strong educational element, pro-actively engaging local communities and/or
  • Include an element of long-term sustainability of the project, such as training of local counterparts

There is no maximum limit to the value of grant awarded but most average £1000 to £2,000. Ideally, the funding should be for the whole of the project, a discrete section, or major part of it and applicants must state if funding is being received or sought from elsewhere.

Unfortunately, because of limited resources OSME is unable to fund projects where requests are made for contributions towards Academic Fees or for projects by PhD or other students except for field projects carried out as part of an academic study if funding from the academic institution is not available.

Projects which include the collection of specimens will not be supported unless this is fully explained and justified and all necessary local authorisations are obtained. This applies equally to whole or parts of individual organisms and DNA samples related to projects involving or relying on molecular biology.

General bird ringing projects that focus on establishing new long-term programmes are unlikely to be funded, but please contact the CRF for further advice.

Summaries of previous projects can be found here here


Applications are considered three times a year according to the timetable below by the Conservation Research Fund Sub-committee which consists of Rob Sheldon (temporary Chair & Scientific Adviser), Richard Porter, Maxim Koshkin, Mick Green and Nabegh Ghazal Asswad.

Deadline for Submission Notification of Decision
31 January 30 April
31 May 31 August
30 September 31 December

Please allow sufficient time between submitting your application and the proposed timing of commencing the project so that there is time for your application to be considered by the Sub-committee and for you to respond to requests for further information if required.

All applications and supporting documentation must be submitted by email in English on the following Grant Application Form.

Grant Application Form:

Click here to download the Grant Application Form in M/S Word format.

Completed application forms and requests for further information should be sent to Phil Cannings at crf