Nature Iraq, the leading wildlife conservation NGO in Iraq, is very pleased to make a donation of $1000 to Norfolk Wildlife Trust's appeal to purchase 143 acres of land next to Cley Marshes. Nature Iraq has received much help from colleagues in the UK, especially through BirdLife International, and makes this donation as an act of global support for the protection of marshes.

OSME News – Sandgrouse 34 (2)

OSME Council realises that the editorial in Sandgrouse 34 (1) regarding the expanded area of interest for papers to be considered for publication could be interpreted as OSME ‘encroaching’ into areas covered by the African Bird Club and Oriental Bird Club. As stated in the final paragraph of the editorial, the sole intention was to make authors aware of an additional ‘vehicle’ for the publication of papers on species, research and conservation issues which are of direct relevance to those resident in or visiting the OSME region. The editorial was in no way meant to imply that OSME would be expanding any of its other activities such as the provision of grants or the appointment of Country Contacts.

Satellite-tracked Scottish Cuckoo reaches the OSME region! (News from BTO)

01/08/2012. Those who managed to attend the OSME Summer Meeting on 7 July will recognise the importance of the presentation of the first speaker, Paul Stancliffe, who talked about tracking migrants into Africa.
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Latest News from Nature Iraq

25/07/2012. The following link takes you to the latest Newsletter of Nature Iraq – and an important online petition concerning the Ilisu Dam Project in Hasankeyf, Turkey which will affect the famous and important marshes in southern Iraq, It also describes a recent visit by Iraqi tribal leaders to Turkey to put forward their point of view.