Death of Syrian ornithologist

Yousef along with his photographs which were exhibited during the 2009 Photo Exhibition.

Sad news has been received about a regular contributor to MEBirdNet, Yousef Ali Alzaoby, who was recently killed in his home town of Dara’a in Syria. MEBirdNet subscribers will particularly remember his regular postings on migratory birds through the region.

News from Syria

Sociable Lapwing in Syria March 29 Photo courtecy: Ahmad Aidek.
Although it is very difficult to go to the Syrian steppes because of the current situation, Ahmad Aidek managed with some difficulty to rent a car and look for Sociable Lapwing on 29 March. Although late in the year - the birds usually leave Syria mid-March - the weather is still cold and birds may not necessarily have departed. He visited Al-Hjeifat for two hours without binoculars or telescope (too dangerous now), only a camera. He found 13 Sociable Lapwings in three flocks – all unringed.