Migratory Soaring Project: New Regional Flyway Facility staff in the BirdLife International Amman Office, Jordan (September 2011)

Ibrahim Khader, Regional Director, BirdLife International, Middle East Division has informed OSME of new appointments in the Migratory Soaring Project. Two new members are joining the Regional Flyway Facility (RFF) team in the Amman office. Mr. Osama Al-Nouri is appointed as the Regional Project Manager (RFF Coordinator) – he previously worked for the Syrian Society for the Conservation of Wildlife, the Birdlife affiliate in Syria. The second new appointment is Mr. Julien Jreissati who will act as the Project Communication Officer. Mr.

Arabian Leopard Appeal, Eastern Yemen

While the Arabian Leopard Panthera pardus nimr is strictly speaking not within the remit of OSME, we feel that the conservation of its habitat in eastern Yemen also has a direct impact upon the avifauna of the area. It is for this reason that OSME has agreed to publicise the following appeal on our website and hope that you will be encouraged to make a pledge before the 30 September deadline.

The documentary “Important areas for birds and other wildlife in Cyprus” is now available to order

In July 2011, BirdLife Cyprus launched the DVD documentary “Important areas for birds and other wildlife in Cyprus”. This presents unique images of Cyprus’s wildlife and natural landscapes. It covers the diversity of landscapes, rich wildlife and endemic and other special species found on the island, with a simple and informative narrative accessible to all ages. The documentary is a reminder of the natural heritage of the island and also a wake-up call on the urgent need to protect the island’s wild places and creatures at a time when the natural environment is threatened as never before.

World Migratory Bird Day Celebration and Nature Iraq’s Activities

This spring Nature Iraq/ BirdLife International organized several conservation-related activities. From 24-29 April, 2011 Nature Iraq/ BirdLife International, with help from Richard Porter ( BirdLife advisor for the Middle East), ran their sixth annual training course which trained people from ministries and different sectors. They were trained in bird identification and their conservation status, field and breeding survey techniques together with implementation on the ground in some designated Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Iraq.