Israel Trip Report

17 to 23 March 1997

ust a brief note of the highlights of birds seen by myself in Southern Israel from 17/3/97 to 23/3/97.

(All locations Eilat area unless otherwise stated)

Grey Hypocolious K20 present all week
Black Bush Robin Ofira Park from 17th to at least 23rd.
Great Black headed Gull North beach 17/3 am
Caspian Tern North beach 17/3 am
Western Reef Egret Several from North beach all week
Striated Heron from North Beach 18/3 pm
Night Heron 9 overflew North beach 18/3 pm
Brown Booby from North beach 17/3 pm & 18/3 pm
Sinai Rosefinch male at Amrams Pillars 18/3 am
Pied Kingfisher 3 in saltpans/ canal area all week
Buff-bellied Pipit New Lagoon 18/3 at least
Bimaculated Lark 1 near Arave crossing point 19& 20/3 and also 3 near Nizzana
Hoopoe Lark K33, seen songflighting 20/3
Bar-tailed desert Lark K33 several 20/3
Desert Warbler 2 at K33 20/3
Arabian Warbler Yotvata 20/3
Finsch's Wheatear female near Nizzana 22/3
Eagle Owl Ein Avdat 22/3
Wallcreeper Ein Avdat 22/3

Also seen 7 species of Eagle:- Lesser Spotted, Golden, Imperial, Steppe, Booted, Bonelli's & Short Toed. (Verreaux's was seen during the week by others) Egyptian & Griffon Vulture.

3 species of sandgrouse but not Crowned.

Westerly winds had blown White Storks that normally migrate through Suez over to the Arava and we had 6500 to 7000 on 19/3 am. Smaller numbers of raptors than expected were seen and the number of passerines was apparently very low compared with previous years and causing some concern.

All in all a very good trip.

Andy Banthorpe

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