Israel Trip Report

16.12.1998 - 12.01.1999

The best time for birdwatching in Israel definitely is spring. However, for personal reasons (see below) I decided to visit Israel in winter and I really can not complain.

Initially I had intended to go after the Gorillas and Rosy Bee-eaters of Centralafrica. But despite of a visa issued by the embassy of Gabon I was not admitted to that country! On the long eviction flight back home I decided, that instead of going back to work I would better realize another dream, a birdwatching trip of Israel.

Limitations Despite of being a long time member of OSME (the Ornithological Society of the Middle East) I was not perfectly prepared (see above). E.g., I did not know, that Nizzana also has pools where several interesting sandgrouse species might be observed. Also, I did not know that Nizzana castle ruins, less than 1000 m away from my campsite for more than 24 hours, are presumed to be a good place to see Finsch's Wheathear (Oenanthe finschii).

Mt. Hermon was off-limits, thanks to the Israel Defence Forces.

Whoever reads the following species accounts should note, that I did not take pains identifying mute colourless warblers, or immature eagles circling high above against the light. Also, I did not carry anything stronger than 10x binoculars. Using the well organized public transport and hired bicycles for most of the time, birding did not always start as early in the mornings as would have been ideal.

Notes of commonly observed species might be incomplete for some locations. Numbers of specimen are given rarely, since I did not do any systematic counting.

The personal Highlights The Grey Hypocolius (Hypocolius ampelinus) at Yotvata was absolutely unexpected. This species I had assumed to occur in Irak/Iran/Pakistan/Gulf region and nowhere else.

White-eyed Gull (Larus leucophthalmus) and Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse (Pterocles lichtensteini) still seem to be guaranteed to visitors of Eilat.

Desert Warbler (Sylvia nana), Arabian Warbler (Sylvia leucomelaena) and Cyprus Warbler (Sylvia melanothorax) added to the delights of the Eilat region.

Nizzana still holds Houbara Bustards (Chlamydotis undulata).

Endemics or near endemics like Sand Partridge (Ammoperdix heyi), Tristram's Grackle (Onychognathus tristamii), Palestine Sunbird (Nectarinia osea), Blackstart (Cercomela melanura) or Dead-Sea Sparrow (Passer moabiticus) have been observed many times under excellent conditions.

The wetlands of northern Israel displayed lots of wounderful waterbirds, the many Great Black- headed Gulls (Larus ichthyaetus) at Bet Shean and the single Sociable Plover (Chettusia gregaria) west of Kfar Blum being my favourites.

A few species like Syrian Serin(Serinus syriacus), Longbilled Pipit (Anthus similis) and Desert Finch (Rhodospiza obsoleta) eluded observation and give enough reason for a return visit to Israel.

Interesting mammals added to the birds, notably Dorcas Gazelle (Gazella dorcas) and Sand Fox (Vulpes rueppelli).


All dates follow the sequence day-month-year. This may not be typical for the english language, but otherwise I would make too many mistakes.

15.12.98 Arrival Tel Aviv
16.12.98 Maagan Mikhael
17.12.98 Tel Aviv
18.12.98 - 19.12.98 Nizzana
20.12.98 Sde Boker campus of the Ben Gurion University
20.12.98 - 22.12.98 Mizpe Ramon
22.12.98 - 01.01.99 Eilat (visits to Shizzafon, Yotvata, Ein Netafim, and 'the KMs')
01.01.99 - 03.01.99 Ein Gedi
03.01.99 Jerusalem
04.01.99 Jericho
05.01.99 Bet Shean
06.01.99 Tiberias
07.01.99 Hula valley
08.01.99 - 10.01.99 See of Galillee - Golan Heights
11.01.99 Tel Aviv
12.01.99 Jaffa, departure Tel Aviv

All Locations visited are known birding sites, thus latitudes and longitudes are omitted. Jericho is part of the palestinian West Bank and the Golan Heights are occupied syrian territory.

Field Guide R.F.Porter, S.Christensen, P.Schiermacker-Hansen: A Field Guide to the Birds of the Middle East. London (T.& AD.Poyser) 1996 was used exclusively. Descriptions of habitat and seasonal distribution of birds are short (information on distribution outside the region is nearly nonexistant), otherwise the field guide prooved to be practical.

For reasons of convenience the sequence of species in the following list is based on this field guide.


  Little Grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis
05.01.99 Bet Shean, 07.01.99 Hula.

Great Crested Grebe Podiceps cristatus
10.01.99 1 Eastern Shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Black-necked Grebe Podiceps nigricollis
06.01.99 2 Sea of Galillee at Tiberias.

Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo
Wetlands throughout the country.

Pygmy Cormorant Phalacrocorax pygmaeus
08.01.99 3 Sea of Galillee near Capernaum.

White Pelican Pelecanus onocrotalus
Whidespread in wetlands of Hula valley.

Night Heron Nycticorax nycticora
07.01.99 A juvenile bird caught itself in one of the cords designed especially to prevent herons from catching fish, spanned above one of the fishponds west of Hula reserve.

Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis

Little Egret Egretta garzetta
Wetlands from Eilat to Hula.

Great White Egret Egretta alba
Wetlands from Eilat to Hula.

Grey Heron Ardea cinerea
Wetlands from Eilat to Hula.

Purple Heron Ardea prpurea
23.12.98 1 ditch near Eilat salt ponds.

Black Stork Ciconia nigra
05.01.99 several Bet Shean, 07.01.99 Hula, 08.01.99 2 mouth of river Jordan into the See of Galillee.

White Stork Ciconia ciconia
05.01.99 several Bet Shean.

Glossy Ibis Plegadis falcinellus
16.12.98 3 Maagan Mikhael, 07.01.99 about 25 Hula.

Spoonbill Platalea leucorodia
05.01.99 several Bet Shean, 08.01.99 at least 2 mouth of river Jordan into the See of Galillee.

Flamingo Phoenicopterus ruber
Present in artificial ponds around Eilat and 5 at a fishpond east of Bet Shean.

Wigeon Anas penelope
05.01.99 Bet Shean, 09.01.99 Kfar Blum.

Gadwall Anas strepera
07.01.99 Hula, 09.01.99 Kfar Blum.

Teal Anas crecca
16.12.98 Maagan Mikhael, 07.01.99 Hula, 09.01.99 Kfar Blum.

Mallard Anas platyrhynchos
16.12.98 Maagan Mikhael, 05.01.99 Bet Shean, 07.01.99 Hula,.09.01.99 Kfar Blum.

Pintail Anas acuta
29.12.98 1 Yotvata sewage ponds, 07.01.99 Hula.

Shoveler Anas clypeata
05.01.99 Bet Shean, 07.01.99 Hula, 09.01.99 Kfar Blum.

Marbled Teal Anas angustirostris
07.01.99 2 Hula reserve.

Pochard Aythya ferina
07.01.99 Hula, 09.01.99 Kfar Blum.

Tufted Duck Aythya fuligula
05.01.99 Bet Shean, 07.01.99 Hula, 09.01.99 Kfar Blum.

Black Kite Milvus migrans
Throughout northern Israel.

White-tailed Eagle Haliaaetus albicilla
07.01.99 1 ad. sailing above Hula (12:30 o'clock local time).

Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus
16.12.98 Maagan Mikhael, 02.01.99 Ein Gedi, 10.01.99 Golan heights.

Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus
Wetlands from Eilat to Hula.

Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus
Eilat region, Jericho, Tiberias.

Common Buzzard Buteo buteo
Hula valley.

Long-legged Buzzard Buteo rufinus
09.01.99 at least 2 Hula valley, 10.01.99 1 Golan heights south of Ortal.

Imperial Eagle Aquila heliaca
07.01.99 1 ad. sailing above Hula (10:20 o'clock local time).

Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos
10.01.99 1 Golan heights south of Ortal.

Kestrel Falco tinnunculus
Commonly observed throughout the country.

Lanner Falcon Falco biarmicus
27.12.98 1 about 8 km north east of Eilat.

Barbary Falcon Falco pelegrinoides
25.12.98 1 Eilat, 01.01.99 1 Ein Gedi.

Chukar Partridge Alectoris chukar
Common in Negev region (Nizzana, Mizpe Ramon, Eilat), observed within the town of Mizpe Ramon where tarmac roads are not avoided, 06.01.99 aboveTiberias.

Sand Partridge Ammoperdix heyi
Commonly observed in southern Negev region (Sde Boker, along upper rim of Mizpe Ramon crater, Eilat) and around Ein Gedi (where seen close to the houses as well as on the high plateau). Within the Ben Gurion Campus of Sde Boker 11 Sand Partridges could be conveniently observed searching for food amoung picnicking people between the houses. Seen drinking at the Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse drinking site of Eilat.

Water Rail Rallus aquaticus
07.01.99 observed twice (once swimming across a channel of about 10 m) from the observation tower of Hula reserve around 15:00 o'clock.

Moorhen Gallinula chloropus
Wetlands from Eilat to Hula.

Coot Fulica atra
Wetlands from Eilat to Hula, including 1 at the bottom of a waterfall in Nahal David reserve of Ein Gedi on 02.01.99.

Common Crane Grus grus
Several thousand Hula valley.

Houbara Bustard Chlamydotis undulata
19.12.98 6 north east of Nizzana.

Black-winged Stilt Himantopus himantopus
Wetlands from Eilat to Hula.

Avocet Recurvirostra avosetta
Ponds around Eilat, 07.01.99 Hula, 09.0199 Kfar Blum.

Cream-coloured Curser Cursorius cursor
18.12.98 2 Shivta (between Be'er Sheva and Nizzana).

Ringed Plover Charadrius hiaticula
Coast south of Maagan Mikhael, ponds around Eilat, 08.01.99 mouth of river Jordan into the See of Galillee.

Kentish Plover Charadrius alexandrinus
Ponds around Eilat, 08.01.99 mouth of river Jordan into the See of Galillee.

Greater Sand Plover Charadrius leschenaulti
26.12.98 at least 1 Evrona sewage ponds north east of Eilat.

Grey Plover Pluvialis squatarola
Coast south of Maagan Mikhael, ponds around Eilat.

Spur-winged Plover Hoplopterus spinosus
Common from Eilat to Hula.

Sociable Plover Chettusia gregaria
09.01.99 1 (non-breeding plumage) on mudflats at the margins of a shallow pond west of Kfar Blum, together with Lapwings, Spur-winged Plovers and a Temminck's Stint.

Lapwing Vanellus vanellus
27.12.98 1 sewage ponds 8 km north east of Eilat, common Bet Shean to Hula.

Little Stint Calidris minuta
Ponds around Eilat, 08.01.99 mouth of river Jordan into the See of Galillee.

Temminck's Stint Calidris temminckii
09.01.99 1 west of Kfar Blum.

Dunlin Chalidris alpina
Coast south of Maagan Mikhael, ponds around Eilat.

Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago
Wetlands from Eilat to Hula.

Black-tailed Godwit Limosa limosa
27.12.98 1 'Switzerland reserve' near Eilat, 07.01.99 Hula.

Curlew Numenius arquata
Ponds around Eilat.

Ruff Philomachus pugnax
Wetlands from Eilat to Hula.

Redshank Tringa totanus
Common in wetlands from Eilat to Hula.

Marsh Sandpiper Tringa stagnatilis
Maagan Mikhael, ponds around Eilat.

Greenshank Tringa nebularia
Ponds around Eilat, 10.01.99 1 eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Green Sandpiper Tringa ochropus
Wetlands of any size from Eilat to Hula.

Common Sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos
Wetlands from Eilat to Hula.

Turnstone Arenaria interpres
16.12.98 coast south of Maagan Mikhael.

White-eyed Gull Larus leucophthalmus
22.12.98 (and consecutive days) at least 8 Eilat coast close to Jordanian border.

Black-headed Gull Larus ridibundus
Maagan Mikhael, Tel Aviv, Eilat, Bet Shean, See of Galillee, Hula.

Slender-billed Gull Larus genei
22.12.98 (and consecutive days) at least 2 Eilat coast close to Jordanian border.

Great Black-headed Gull Larus ichthyaetus
05.01.99 at least 30, both adults (a few with nearly black head) and immatures, fishponds in valley of river Jordan east of Bet Shean.

Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus
17.12.98 1 Tel Aviv, 05.01.99 Bet Shean.

Yellow-legged Gull Larus cachinnans
Tel Aviv, Bet Shean.

Armenian Gull Larus armenicus
Maagan Mikhael, Eilat, Bet Shean, See of Galillee, Hula, Tel Aviv.

Gull-billed Tern Gelochelidon nilotica
23.12.98 2 Eilat eastern town edge.

Caspian Tern Sterna caspia
22.12.98 (and consecutive days) at least 1 Eilat coast around Hotel area.

Whiskered Tern Chlidonias hybridus
27.12.98 1 sewage ponds 8 km north east of Eilat, 06.01.99 at least 1 Sea of Galillee near Tiberias.

Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse Pterocles lichtensteini
23.12.98 and 31.12.98 observed at the traditional drinking site near Eilat.

Rock Dove / Feral Pigeon Columba livia
Common throughout.

Collared Dove Streptopelia decaocto
Nizzana, Eilat, Shizzafon, Yotvata, Jericho, Bet Shean, Tiberias, Hula.

Laughing Dove Streptopelia senegalensis
Common throughout, including an observation on busy and crowded Ben Yehuda Street of central Tel Aviv.

Namaqua Dove Oena capensis
26.12.98 1 in acacia tree north west of sewage ponds 8 km north east of Eilat.

Ring-necked Parakeet Psittacula krameri
03.01.99 1 Ein Gedi Youth Hostel.

Little Owl Athene noctua
04.01.99 1 near Jericho.

Barn Owl Tyto alba
08.01.99 1 at dusk between Hula reserve and Gonen.

White-breasted Kingfisher Halcyon smyrnensis
16.12.98 Maagan Mikhael, 02.01.99 1 Nahal Arugot reserve of Ein Gedi, 04.01.99 1 each in banana plantation and vineyards near Jericho, widespread Bet Shean to Hula, 11.01.99 1 south of Netanya, 12.01.99 1 Jaffa.

Common Kingfisher Alcedo atthis
22.12.99 1 lagoon hotel area of Eilat, several observed in Hula region.

Pied Kingfisher Ceryle rudis
Maagan Mikhael, 17.12.98 1 hunting in the marine water near the Tel Aviv Sheraton Hotel, Eilat, widespread Bet Shean to Hula.

Little Green Bee-eater Merops orientalis
Eilat, near Shizzafon junction in Arava valley, Yotvata, Ein Gedi.

Hoopoe Upupa epops
Maagan Mikhael, Nizzana, Jericho, between Hula reserve and Gonen, Jaffa.

Syrian Woodpecker Dendrocopos syriacus
03.01.99 1 in garden of Mount of Olives within Jerusalem.

Desert Lark Ammomanes deserti
Mizpe Ramon, Eilat, Shizzafon, Ein Gedi.

Crested Lark Galerida cristata
Common throughout.

Woodlark Lullea arborea
06.01.99 above Tiberias, 10.01.99 Golan heights.

Skylark Alauda arvensis
Maagan Mikhael, Nizzana, between Hula and Gonen.

African Rock Martin Ptyonoprogne fuligula
Sde Boker, Eilat, Shizzafon, Yotvata, Ein Gedi.

Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica
Tel Aviv, Bet Shean, Tiberias, Hula.

Tawny Pipit Anthus campestris

Meadow Pipit Anthus pratensis
Maagan Mikhael, Eilat, Shizzafon sewage ponds, Tiberias.

Red-throated Pipit Anthus cervinus
Eilat, Shizzafon sewage ponds, Jericho.

Water Pipit Anthus spinoletta
Eilat, Shizzafon sewage ponds, Hula.

Grey Wagtail Motacilla cinerea
02.01.99 Ein Gedi, 07.01.99 Hula.

White Wagtail Motacilla alba
Common throughout. The palms of Hatemarim Boulevard in central Eilat seem to be a communal roost.

Yellow-vented Bulbul Pycnonotus xanthopygos
Common throughout.

Grey Hypocolius Hypocolius ampelinus
29.12.98 1 female (or imm. male at year's end they still might lack the typical dark area behind the eye) observed from 7:15 to 7:30 o'clock under excellent conditions (distance no more than 5 m) in acacia trees near the visitor's center behind the petrol station of Yotvata, about 40 km north of Eilat, (The protocol of this observation has been presented to the relevant rare birds committee).

Robin Erithacus rubecula
Tel Aviv, Hula.

Bluethroat Luscinia svecica
Common Eilat to Huila, both white-starred and red-starred subspecies involved.

Black Redstart Phoenicurus ochruros

Common Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus
17.12.98 1 garden of Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel.

Blackstart Cercomela melanura
Sde Boker, Mizpe Ramon, Eilat, Shizzafon, Yotvata, Ein Gedi.

Stonechat Saxicola torquata
Abundant throughout.

Isabelline Wheatear Oenanthe isabellina
26.12.98 at least 1 on dam between Evrona sewage ponds north east of Eilat.

Desert Wheatear Oenanthe deserti

Nizzana, KMs 26 and 33 north of Eilat.

Mourning Wheatear Oenanthe lugens
Nizzana, Sde Boker, Mizpe Ramon, Eilat, Shizzafon.

Hooded Wheatear Oenanthe monacha
Mizpe Ramon, KMs 20 and 33 north of Eilat, Shizzafon, plateau high above Ein Gedi. Altogether 8 observations of males, no females.

White-crowned Black Wheatear Oenanthe leucopyga
Nizzana, Mizpe Ramon, Eilat, Shizzafon, Ein Gedi.

Blue Rock Thrush Monticola solitarius
06.01.99 Tiberias.

Blackbird Turdus merula
Sde Boker, Tiberias, Hula.

Cetti's Warbler Cettia cetti
Heard Maagan Mikhael and Hula.

Fan-tailed Cisticola Cisticola juncidis
Tel Aviv, Tiberias, south of Ortal on Golan Heights.

Graceful Prinia Prinia gracilis
Maagan Mikhael, Tel Aviv, Eilat, Yotvata, Jerusalem, Jericho, common Bet Shean to Hula. Also at the higher elevations of Tel Hai and the Golan south of Ortal.

Scrub Warbler Scotocerca inquieta
Nizzana, Mizpe Ramon, Shizzafon, Ein Gedi.

Clamorous Reed Warbler Acrocephalus stentoreus
Bet Shean.

Spectacled Warbler Sylvia conspicillata
Nizzana, Ein Gedi, Jericho.

Sardinian Warbler Sylvia melanocephala
Tel Aviv, Nizzana, Eilat, Ein Gedi, north east of Hula reserve.

Cyprus Warbler Sylvia melanothorax
24.12.98 1 in scrubs at the Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse drinking site of Eilat.

Desert Warbler Sylvia nana
26.12.98 1 Km 33 north of Eilat.

Arabian Warbler Sylvia leucomelaena
29.12.98 2 x 1 male Yotvata 500 m south east of the petrol station.

Lesser Whitethroat Sylvia curruca
12.01.99 1 in the gardens of Old Jaffa.

Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla
17.12.98 1 Tel Aviv.

Chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita
Ein Gedi, Tiberias, Hula. On 12.01.99 at least 3 were feeding wagtail-like on a recently mown lawn in the gardens of Old Jaffa. The majority of the myriads of unidentified Phylloscopus warblers all over the country will have been of this species.

Arabian Babbler Turdoides squamiceps
Eilat, Shizzafon, Yotvata, Ein Gedi.

Great Tit Parus major
Jerusalem, Tiberias, both foot and near crest of Golan Heights.

Penduline Tit Remiz pendulinus
07.01.99 not uncommon in the reeds of Hula reserve.

Palestine Sunbird Nectarinia osea
Sde Boker, Mizpe Ramon, Eilat, Yotvata, Ein Gedi, Tiberias, 10.01.99 1 specimen 500 m east of Baniyas in foothills of Mt. Hermon, 11.01.99 1 in central Tel Aviv 100 m away only from Dizengoff Square. On 24.12.98 several observed drinking at the Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse drinking site of Eilat, where both males and females dipped their bellies into the water.

Great Grey Shrike Lanius excubitor (sensu largu)

Nizzana, 8 km north east of Eilat, Shizzafon, Yotvata, Jericho.

Masked Shrike Lanius nubicus
17.12.98 1 first year bird in the garden of Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel.

Jay Garullus glandarius
Birds of the atricapillus subspecies were found at Bet Shean, Hula and near the Odem Viewpoint of Golan.

Jackdaw Corvus monedula
Jericho, Bet Shean.

House Crow Corvus splendens
Eilat, Yotvata.

Hooded Crow Corvus corone
Throughout from Nizzana and Jerusalem to the north.

Brown-necked Raven Corvus ruficollis
Throughout from Nizzana to the east and from Jericho to the south.

Fan-tailed Raven Corvus rhipidurus
28.12.98 1 near Shizzafon, 01.- 03.01.99 many Ein Gedi.

Tristram's Grackle Onychognathus tristramii
25.12.98 about 30 to 40 Ein Netafim, 29.12.98 Yotvata, 01.01.99 Ein Gedi, 04.01.99 Jericho. Not observed at Eilat proper.

Starling Sturnus vulgaris
16.12.98 Tel Aviv, 27.12.98 8 sewage ponds 8 km north east of Eilat, 06.01.99 Tiberias, 12.01.99 Jaffa.

House Sparrow Passer domesticus
Maagan Mikhael, Tel Aviv, Mizpe Ramon, Eilat, Yotvata, Ein Gedi, Jerusalem, Jericho, Tiberias, Hula, Tel Hai.

Spanish Sparrow Passer hispaniolensis
Eilat, Shizzafon, Ein Gedi, Jericho, Bet Shean, Tiberias.

Dead Sea Sparrow Passer moabiticus
Groups of unknown size (because always together with other Sparrow species) were observed on 25.12.98 close to the Jordanian border east of Eilat, on 27.12.98 in the 'Switzerland reserve' north east of Eilat and on 04.01.99 at the eastern edge of Jericho.

Indian Silverbill Eudice malabarica
04.01.99 not uncommon around Jericho.

Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs
From Ein Gedi to Tel Hai and Golan Heights.

Brambling Fringilla montifringilla
09.01.99 1 Golan foothills south of Gonen together with Chaffinches, Goldfinches and Hawfinches.

European Serin Serinus serinus
10.01.99. several near the crest of Golan Heights south of Ortal.

Greenfinch Carduelis chloris
Tel Aviv, Jericho, Tiberias.

Goldfinch Carduelis carduelis
Mizpe Ramon, Tiberias, Hula, both foot and near crest of Golan Heights.

Linnet Carduelis cannabina
21.12.98 about 200 at dusk at a presumed communal roost in cypress trees at the edge of Mizpe Ramon, 04.01.99 Jericho, 06.01.99 Tiberias.

Trumpeter Finch Bucanetes githagineus
27.12.98 2 about 8 km north east of Eilat, 31.12.98 about 15 birds 5 km south east of Shizzafon, 02.01.99 at least 3 on the plateau high above Ein Gedi.

Hawfinch Coccothraustes coccothraustes
09.01.99 1 Golan foothills south of Gonen together with Chaffinches and Goldfinches.

House Bunting Emberiza striolata
24.12.98 at least 3 around the Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse drinking site of Eilat, where also observed drinking.

Corn Bunting Milaria calandra
Bet Shean, Tiberias, both foot and near crest of Golan Heights.

Mammals (a selection)

Dorcas Gazelle Gazella dorcas
18.12.98 - 20.12.98 several observations Nizzana, 26.12.98 a few KM 33 north of Eilat.

Edmi Gazelle Gazella gazella
10.01.99 2 within olive grove about 500m east of Baniyas, Lebanon border ne of Kiryat Shimona.

Nubian ibex Capra (ibex) nubiana
Sde Boker, Mizpe Ramon, Mountains Eilat to near Taba and to Ein Netafim, between Shizzafon and Arava valley, and around Ein Gedi down to less than 400m below sea-level. Usually very tame and feeding on leftovers presented to them after human's supper (by no means resembling the ibex I know from the alps of europe).

Rock Hyrax Procavia capensis
31.12.98 groups of 4 and 3 individuals around entrance of canyon west of Shizzafon junction in Arava-valley, 02.01.99 very common on rocks and more so on Acacia trees in lower Nahal Arugot reserve of Ein Gedi, 08.01.99 7 road side rocks slightly west of mouth of river Jordan into Sea of Galilee.

Sand Fox (Vulpes rueppelli)
26.12.98 2 main road north of Eilat (06:15 o'clock local time), 31.12.98 1 at the Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse drinking site of Eilat (17:10 o'clock local time, very shortly before the arrival of the sandgrouse).

Golden Jackel (Canis aureus)

09.01.99 1 fields beween Hula and Gonen (12:30 o'clock local time), 10.01.99 1 south of Ortal (11:45 o'clock local time).

Egyptian Mongoose Herpestes ichneumon
16.12.98 2 Maagan Mikhael (13:00 o'clock local time), 05.01.99 1 Bet Shean (14:35 o'clock local time), 07.01.99 5 Hula, 08.01.99 1 Capernaum.

Observer Henning Lege
Erlenweg 16
D 79115 Freiburg

email: Henning Lege for more information