Trip Report: Turkey, 23 July to 10 Aug 1998

We spent 3 weeks in Eastern Turkey this summer (23.07.98.-10.08.98.) and visited to Durnalik (near Gaziantep), Birecik, Cizre, Van, the Bandimahi Marshes, Ishakpasa Palace (near Dogubayazit),Ispir and Sivrikaya.

Here are some interesting data:

Bald Ibis there was no free flying bird at Birecik
Black Vulture 1 near Ispir (12 Griffon Vultures and 2 Golden Eagles were also here)
Caspian Snowcock 8 near Sivrikaya (almost at the peak)
Caucasian Black Grouse 1 male and 3 females near Sivrikaya
Black Francolin 3 at Cizre
See-see Partridge 3 at the main wadi near Birecik
Red-wattled Plover 3 ad 1 imm at Cizre
Terek Sandpiper 1 at the Bendimahi Marshes (Lake Van) with 3 Marsh Sandpipers
Armenian Gull more than 7000 at the dump of Van
Caspian Tern 4 near Van and 18 at the Bendimahi Marshes (Lake Van)
Pin-tailed Sandgrouse 1 at Birecik and 130 at "Van hills"
Black-bellied Sandgrouse 6 at Birecik and 7 at "Van hills"
Little Swift 25+ at Birecik
Pied Kingfisher a family (6 birds) at Birecik
Blue-cheeked Bee-eater 4 at Birecik
Lesser Short-toed Lark 80+ at the Bendimahi Marshes (Lake Van)
Bimaculated Lark 100+ at "Van hills"
Desert Lark 25 at the main wadi near Birecik
Dipper 3 between Ispir and Sivrikaya
Alpine Accentor 50 at Sivrikaya near the peak
"Eastern" Stonechat 3 not far from the Bendimahi Marshes
Finsch's Wheatear 2 males at "Van hills", 3 males at the Ishakpasa Palace
Red-tailed Wheatear 2 males and a female at the wadi near Birecik
Ring Ouzel 8 at Sivrikaya near the peak
Menetries's Warbler 20 at Birecik
Semi-collared Flycatcher 6 (2 families) South of Ispir
Great Rock Nuthatch 15 at Durnalik with Rock Nuthatches
Rose-coloured Starling 15 (2 ad.) at the Bendimahi Marshes
Chough 10 at Sivrikaya and 2 near Ispir
Yellow-throated Sparrow 4 near Birecik
Dead Sea Sparrow 16 near Birecik
Pale Rock Sparrow 8 at the main wadi near Birecik
Snow Finch 12 at Sivrikaya and 2 at the Ishakpasa Palace
Red-fronted Serin 80+ at the Ishakpasa Palace
Desert Finch 70+ at Birecik, 6 at Durnalik
Crimson-winged Finch 6 at the Ishakpasa Palace
Mongolian Trumpeter Finch 2 pairs and another 3 birds at the Ishakpasa Palace
Trumpeter Finch 2 at the Ishakpasa Palace
Grey-necked Bunting 25 at the Ishakpasa Palace and 8 at the "Van hills"
Cinereous Bunting 4 at Durnalik

Zold Barna Mihaly (B.M. Zold)
Emri Tamas (T. Emri)

Debrecen, Hungary