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Acacia clearance on Cape Pyla combats illegal bird trapping

 Taking the rug from under their feet: before and after Acacia clearance on Cape Pyla.

Like a number of areas in Cyprus, particularly in the south and southeast, Dhekelia or the Eastern Sovereign Base Area (ESBA) has a very serious problem with illegal bird trapping. In their autumn 2014 report on trapping activity, BirdLife Cyprus estimated that the approximate number of individual birds killed in the ESBA last autumn was in the high hundreds of thousands.

Massive declines of the Yellow-breasted Bunting compared to the Passenger Pigeon

It is not often you hear buntings compared to pigeons, but last week an excellent, yet worrying, scientific paper was published that shows massive declines in the once common and relatively widespread Yellow-breasted Bunting. The scale and speed of the decline has drawn comparisons to the infamous story of the Passenger Pigeon, so wonderfully told in a 'Message from Martha' by Dr Mark Avery .

Basra Reed Warbler - some concluding remarks

The Basra Reed Warbler Acrocephalus griseldis is listed as Endangered by the IUCN, and its breeding range is largely restricted to the Mesopotamian Marshes in southern Iraq. In many ways it is a typical Acrocephalus warbler inhabiting reedbeds and marshy habitats, making itself known by a loud distinct song or call. So who would have guessed such a bird would have been at the centre of so much controversy in recent months? The reasons for such controversy are covered in the following published . . 

OSME and OBC jointly fund White-headed Duck surveys in Kazakhstan

OSME and OBC are delighted to announce we are joining forces to provide £2000 of funding for the further monitoring of White-headed Duck in Kazakhstan. ACBK, the BirdLife International partner in Kazakhstan is also collaborating with the Universities of Munster and Bielefeld, Germany, and combining components of the white-headed duck work with broader waterbird surveys - a truly collaborative project! International collaboration across political borders is increasingly important as an increasing number of migratory species are declining.


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