An overview of OSME's key achievements in 2015

Conservation is a huge challenge around the globe. Habitats continue to disappear and the number of species at risk of extinction continues to increase. In 2015, 40 more bird species were classified as having a higher risk of extinction according to the IUCN Red-List. But there is room for optimism. Arguably, the biggest threat to global biodiversity are the effects of climate change on species distributions, breeding cycles and food availability. 

OSME and the Birdfair 2015

Although it is a month since the UK Birdfair weekend, in many ways it seems like it was only yesterday! The Birdfair is one of the most important dates in the birdwatching calendar with conservation organisations, NGOs, and companies selling everything from books to optics to holidays, all converging on Rutland Water for the 3-day birders equivalent of Glastonbury.